Alba lamp

The project is the result of in-depth research into the stone working technologies available today, how they have evolved in contemporary society, creating a privileged space in the field of architecture and design.
Marble is a material that at first glance may seem massive, heavy and static, a preconception that has become rooted over the centuries.
When designing Alba, the challenge was to make everything exactly the opposite, that is to express the concepts of lightness, dynamism and transformation.
With these assumptions, the role of light has also proved to be of fundamental importance.It has been used not only to enhance the undisputed beauty of the material but also takes an active role with the aim of creating, thanks to the conceived form, a variable visual aesthetic and customizable, together with the possibility of interaction left to the user.
Designed for and collaboration with Budri, a prestigious world leader in marble processing, which has been able to meet the challenge with cutting-edge production capabilities and over fifty years of experience in the sector.